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It is this simple and certain comprehension with which Senadee crafts his music. Brought into the world thousands of miles from where he'd eventually end up, raised in the council estates of the South-East, and polished in the forgiving landscapes of the North-West. With constant change came constant struggle. Senadee became witness to an increasingly volatile environment at home, with aggressive outbursts and physical hostility becoming a frequent occurrence in his life. These experiences would later haunt him, becoming the source of much frustration as a young man. His sense of morality was considerably darkened, as right and wrong became deceptively interchangeable in his mind. A life which commands change, forms expression roughened by permanent transition. Accordingly, Senadee often cut a solitary figure amongst peers he did not relate to, looking towards and not above into the eyes of those who were commonly aspired to. Acceptance became meaningless, but its absence was nonetheless poignant for the man who felt he never belonged. A tragic loss, years of isolation and home-life turbulence almost wore him down until eventually, a burning hunger to break away manifested itself. And the only way to do that, in his mind at least, was to learn. The young self-taught musician also coached himself on how to channel his erratic emotional energy. And it is this single most evident fact that paints his music in the colours you hear. They say where you begin is not necessarily where you end up. His musical background has ranged from principal writer and guitarist in several bands, to vitriol-spitting MC as member of a neo-political Hip-Hop group. No one could have predicted that his little-known sideline bedroom project would eventually be the spark that ignited the engine. A voice that never intended to be heard outside a close circle of friends suddenly found itself the subject of much delightful curiosity. Simultaneously soaring and delicate, Senadee's songs are defined by honesty. That coupled with a melodic craftsmanship that defies his background, he is able to engineer emotion through his words and themes in a way that is the envy of even the most seasoned songwriter. Some things in life seem to come from nowhere... And sometimes, you just kind of know where they're heading... Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.