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Chicago House Mixshow

Mix Show Playlist

  1. Saturday Love, Kon, Fioriou, Oliver Dollar-“2 B Free”
  2. Soul Avengerz-, Wh0-“Love You Feel”
  3. Georgie Porgie, Barbara Tucker-“Love One Another” ” i Am House/MPG
  4. Patrick Wayne, Dj ThreeJay- “You Wanna Move 2K22” i Am House/MPG
  5. Butch- “No Worries”
  6. Michael Gray- “24 7 People”
  7. David Morales, Michelle Perera, Philly-“Life Is A Song”
  8. Jay Vegas- “Come Back”
  9. James Hurr- “Right Now”
  10. Mark Knight, James Hurr, Cari Golden-“You Are God”
  11. Dennis Ferrer, Sllash & Doppe- “P 2 Da J’
  12. DJ Georgie Porgie- “Going To Church”  i Am House/MPG
  13. Wally Lopez, Andre Rizo, Nodus- “Turo Tech”


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